Episode 94: The Rise of Video in 2024

In this episode of Drive & Convert, Jon and Ryan delve into the rise of video as a powerful tool for digital marketing. They discuss the impact of platforms like TikTok, the changing landscape of video monetization, Apple's influence on tracking and privacy, the growth of Connected TV, and the importance of creative content in video marketing.

Sharing insights and experiences from their own journey in the ecommerce space, Jon and Ryan explore how brands can leverage video to drive conversions and growth.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What type of video content you can leverage in digital marketing 
  2. How to track ROI for YouTube spend 
  3. How video is being utilized on different platforms  
  4. What challenges small brands encounter in video marketing 
  5. Why it’s crucial to have quality and creative content 
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Episode 94: The Rise of Video in 2024
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