Episode 95: How to Leverage AI in UX Optimization

AI is a pretty buzzy term, and it can mean different things to different people. In this episode, Jon and Ryan engage in a lively discussion about the use of AI, with a specific focus on its application in UX and optimization. 

They start by differentiating actual AI tools from AI enabled applications. Then, they delve into the practical applications and potential benefits of ChatGPT, touching on its affordability, effectiveness in idea generation, and visual design capabilities.  

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What you can accomplish with a free version of ChatGPT
  2. How to write specific prompts for brainstorming and ideation
  3. How to use ChatGPT to write codes and create prototypes for your website 
  4. Why AI is important for rewriting and condensing data, information and website copy
  5. How to apply AI in visual design and user research
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Episode 95: How to Leverage AI in UX Optimization
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