Episode 89: What is a Good Conversion Rate?

So, what is a good conversion rate? Is there a magic number you should be aiming for or a percentage that, when you reach it, means you’ve hit the big time and you can sit back and relax?

In this week’s episode, Jon and Ryan discuss why there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. They delve into the definition of conversion rate and the countless variables that affect it. In the end, their advice is this: a good conversion rate is one that is constantly improving. 

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What variables affect conversion rates
  2. What conversion rate actually means
  3. How to measure conversion rates
  4. What are the challenges in measuring conversion rates
  5. Why you shouldn’t measure yourself against ecommerce benchmarks 

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Episode 89: What is a Good Conversion Rate?
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