Episode 77 : Optimizing Conversions with Low Traffic (Live)

Conversion rate optimization is important for any ecommerce brand, but it’s markedly more difficult for brands with lower traffic. However, there are still ways how you can increase website conversions with low traffic.

In this week’s episode, Jon and Ryan highlight the significance of leaning into rapid testing in the absence of data to validate statistical significance. They also discuss other validation tactics, such as surveys, user testing, heatmaps, and many more. 
Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. How to use the confidence/tolerance relationship to your advantage
  2. The benefits of rapid testing
  3. Validation tactics beyond testing
  4. How social listening and session recordings work
  5. Why eye tracking is simple yet effective 

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Episode 77 : Optimizing Conversions with Low Traffic (Live)
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