Episode 76: Conversion Tracking in Performance Max

Last year, Google moved people over from Smart Shopping to Performance Max, and they said Performance Max would be the “one campaign to rule them all.” The struggle now, especially for smaller advertisers, is not having enough data points. And the more data you give an algorithm, generally, the better it’s going to be able to accomplish your goal.

In this episode, Jon and Ryan discuss what conversion tracking looks like in this new world of Performance Max and how you could help your system and ads perform better once you get some of the right data points.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What conversion tracking looks like on PMax
  2. How the PMax algorithm works 
  3. What eCommerce advertisers should focus on tracking
  4. Why Google Analytics is still the best source of data 
  5. Why you need to test and optimize your feed
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Episode 76: Conversion Tracking in Performance Max
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