Episode 68: Can Sharing Data Help You Win?

In this episode, Jon and Ryan talk about the importance of sharing data. They discuss the pros and cons of building a group with similar businesses to compare testing results, catering to a specific audience or demographic, and the cost of running your own tests.
Wouldn’t it be easier if you could talk with other business owners and find out what's working for them and what’s not? Ryan and Jon were wondering the same thing. In this episode, they discuss the advantage of sharing data, strategies, and test results with businesses that aren’t your competitors. 

They also discuss the value of rapid testing on ads to optimize your content, running tests with influencers, and testing on your own. 

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. What data and results businesses can safely share with each other 
  2. Why building a group or community can be advantageous
  3. How rapid testing works on ads and segmenting your audience   
  4. How to run your own ad testing to get the data you need
  5. The cost of testing various ads 
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Episode 68: Can Sharing Data Help You Win?
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