Episode 56: Building An Online Business

Ryan has been working on building a new home, which requires housing his entire family (including four kids) in the barn! He shares some lessons he's learned about building an online business while going through the home-building experience.
Once the excitement of the "shopping phase" dissipates, building a new home can be a taxing experience. There are often challenges with supplies, logistics, team members, timeline, budget, and a host of other variables that make the ordeal more stressful than anticipated.

Ryan is currently living through this experience, and although going through life with a spouse and four kids all living in a barn while their home is being built, he's managed to learn a few important lessons about what it takes to build a successful business along the way.

Listen to this episode if you want to learn what building a home and building a business have in common, and maybe jot down a few tips from Ryan to prepare yourself for the day when you're ready to build your own new home.

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Episode 56: Building An Online Business
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