Episode 110: What is Digital Experience Optimization?

This might be surprising to hear from one of the pioneers of conversion rate optimization, but CRO is out and DXO is in. In this episode, CEO Jon MacDonald dives into what Digital Experience Optimization(DXO) is and why it’s the best way to produce results. DXO is an evolved approach that brings together a range of tactics needed to build a better digital journey. 

Digital Experience Optimization involves looking at the digital journey as a whole to see not just how customers engage with you but why they make certain decisions. Through the process, meaningful changes are made to your website or app to meet the needs of your users and business.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  • What Digital Experience Optimization is
  • How CRO differs from DXO
  • The benefits of using DXO
  • How success is measured when using DXO
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Episode 110: What is Digital Experience Optimization?
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