Episode 109: Google is Changing... Again

Google is constantly changing. In just the last year, digital leaders have seen the sunset of Google Optimize, a transition from Universal Analytics to GA4, and countless algorithm changes. Now, we’re bracing for Google’s latest wave of updates to payments and AI implementation.

If you're involved in digital marketing, own a business, or interact with any Google product, this episode is a must-listen. Jon and Ryan, seasoned professionals in the field, delve into the implications of Google’s latest updates and how they directly affect you.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. How ad payments on Google are changing
  2. How Google is using AI
  3. How broad match keywords will change the way your ads appear
  4. What to look for to maintain integrity while using Google Ads revenue tracking
If you have questions, ideas, or feedback to share, connect with us on LinkedIn. We’re Jon MacDonald and Ryan Garrow.
Episode 109: Google is Changing... Again
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