Episode 108: The Five Factors of Digital Success

Anyone who guarantees they can increase your conversion rates with just on-site optimization alone is either lucky or lying. 

Many factors influence conversion rates. In this episode, we discuss why benchmarking doesn’t work and introduce a better way to measure optimization efforts.

After conducting a study of hundreds of optimization experts to uncover the key factors that influence the success of digital products, Jon and his team at The Good identified five competencies that set high-performance teams apart.

In fact, teams that excel in these five Factors are 60% more likely to meet their annual performance targets and twice as likely to rank “excellent” in customer satisfaction.

Listen to the full episode to learn;
  • Why traditional benchmarking is ineffective.
  • Why the 5-Factors Scorecard™ is a better way to measure success.
  • How the 5-Factors Scorecard™ can help you decide where to invest to improve your digital experience and determine what steps you need to take to grow your impact in your organization.

To get your scorecard, go to https://thegood.com/5factors

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Episode 108: The Five Factors of Digital Success
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