Episode 101: Is Microsoft Ads Worth Your Time?

Jon and Ryan provide valuable insights into the world of Microsoft Ads. The discussion kicks off with an exploration of recent developments at Microsoft, including the company's rebranding of Bing Ads as Microsoft Ads and its strategic investments in AI. 

They also delve into the potential and opportunities for advertising on Bing, shedding light on the unique advantages of the platform, such as lower competition and potential arbitrage opportunities.

Listen to the full episode if you want to learn:
  1. Why companies should consider leveraging Microsoft Ads
  2. What are some key differences between Microsoft Ads and Google
  3. What strategies to use when running campaigns in Microsoft Ads 
  4. How Microsoft Ads differentiates itself from other platforms 
  5. Which other platforms to consider outside of Google and Microsoft Ads

If you have questions, ideas, or feedback to share, connect with us on LinkedIn. We're Jon MacDonald and Ryan Garrow. 
Episode 101: Is Microsoft Ads Worth Your Time?
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